Control Technology

Regularly success with BES Bollmann control technology

Also the best drying kiln is not worth the money, without correct control system. As a comprehensive system supplier of complete and ultramodern timber drying kilns, BES Bollmann dedicates itself to this core range for over 25 years: The control technology.

Not only for new drying kilns. We also "buck up" your old drying kilns again!

Innovative - precise - reliable
Since beginning of the 70's BES Bollmann develops own control systems for:


  • Drying kilns for sawn timber
  • Steaming chambers
  • Combined steaming/drying kilns
  • High-temperature drying kilns
  • Condensation kilns
  • Vacuum drying kilns


As BES Bollmann is developping and doing research from the beginning, it ist always guaranteed that the newest realizations from research and practice are implemented in our control systems. With BES Bollmann you are always on the newest conditions.

Without a precise climate measurement also the best control system is only worth half. Bollmann created and offers here remedy with the Psychromat HT 68 an extremely precise and reproducible alternative in the climate measurement. This all-electronic and absolutely maintenance free temperature- and climate sensor is a profit for each drying master and will greatly improve each timber drying kiln.

Tromatci® 205 AM

Tromatic® 205 AM The entrance class

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Tromatic® 305 AM

Tromatic ® GM The universal model

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Tromatic® 310 GM

Tromatic® 310 GM The most sold control system

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Tromatic® 810 PC

Tromatic® 810 PC is equal to drying success

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Tromatic® 910

Particularly suiable for:
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Climate measurement

Well measured is half won
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Moisture measurement

Wood moisture as drying criterion
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