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Control Systems

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The real strength is on the inside

Control technology

The real strength and value of a controlled drying solution, drying system or drying kiln is on the inside. The control technology or control system. Not only are we continually improving and updating our control systems, we also always tailor them to meet our customers’ specific drying requirements. Be that preserving products, energy-efficient drying, maintaining a consistent quality, achieving the shortest possible drying times or increasing product capacity. Whatever the requirement, the BES Bollmann team strives for success and achieves this together with you. We have it all in-house. Our strength is our combination of creative thinkers and powerful doers.

We develop and install control systems for new drying kilns and drying systems but we can also install new control systems in existing drying kilns. The application of our control technology adds value to (existing or new) steam chambers, heat treatment kilns, progressive kilns, condensation kilns or vacuum kilns. Drying value inside. This is how we make the difference. And you?

We continue to innovate in new techniques

We are currently working on an ingenious new control system. Based entirely on customer requirements and packed with new technology. Keep an eye on our website for updates on the latest developments or contact our team for the current status.

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