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The innovative BES Bollmann drying solutions

Our innovative BES Bollmann drying solutions are based on artificial drying in controlled conditions. That is our expertise and our strength. The drying process in our high quality drying kilns is carefully controlled according to temperature, relative humidity, air circulation and the products to be dried. A precision process that pays. Not only can lower moisture contents be achieved in shorter drying times, the quality and efficiency remain outstanding.

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The drying solutions

BES Bollmann’s drying solutions are always custom-made, high quality and sustainable. Especially when used in combination with a bioenergy system from our partners KARA Energy Systems. Beyond success in the timber and woodworking industry, we have also notched up some impressive projects in the automotive, food and manufacturing industries. We are experts in creating drying processes that maintain a consistent flavour quality in the food industry, de-gassing undersea cables and cables for the processing industry, and the controlled drying/curing of glues and varnishes in the car industry.

Every drying requirement is unique

No two drying requirements are the same and every situation is unique, which is why we believe in developing the most suitable and innovative solutions possible for all our customers. This is a real win-win situation for all involved. Most methods of controlled drying are based on one of the following techniques:

BES Bollmann adds value
to finished products

The drying requirements may change but one thing remains the same; the BES Bollmann team’s commitment to adding value to our customers’ end products. Always. How do we achieve this? Our specialists are always happy to explain this in person. Please feel free to contact one of our specialists.

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