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Heat treatment

In all recommendations and drying solutions we offer our customers we aim to deliver the best drying process available for each type of wood. Our customers’ needs and requirements always come first. Be that achieving as short a drying time as possible, designing a smart drying process, developing an entirely sustainable drying solution or building a drying kiln that complies with the latest regulations and legislation. At BES Bollmann we love a challenge.

For every type of wood
the right drying process

BES Bollmann aims for this

We know all the relevant legislation and regulations inside out when it comes to drying and treating pallets and packaging in compliance with the ISPM 15 and the Foundation implementing the Dutch Wood Marking Program (SMHV). We have developed numerous examples of powerful, ISMP 15 and SMHV compliant solutions. In even more cases, however, we incorporated the heat treatment and temperature sensors used to monitor the core temperature of the timber into the overall drying process. Enabling us to offer our customers even more added value. Something we, as a team, take great pride in accomplishing. Under the motto of smart development and integration wherever possible and attractively priced when necessary.

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heat treatment solutions?

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