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As low as possible
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Kess has established a strong market position with customers primarily in the furniture and parquet flooring industries. A position the company aims to maintain. The core operations of Kess Sägewerk in Germany are timber sawing and wood processing as well as selling timber as wholesalers. Areas in which the German company wants to become, and remain, the best. In terms of quality, colouring and flexibility. They specialise in supplying the best quality (coloured) oak and beech timber.

The best
are and

The drying solution

Becoming and remaining the best demands development. Not just now but, especially, with a view to the future. At BES Bollmann, we understand that. Flexibility is increasingly important. Flexibility in terms of drying times, turnaround times, drying colours and drying volumes. That calls for a custom-made, smart and innovative drying solution. To minimise destruction of capital and maximise flexibility, we reused the present kilns as much as possible. The 6 existing kilns were converted to 2 large and 2 smaller drying & steaming chambers. The most significant improvement, however, was achieved by the new, practical control systems specifically designed to meet all Kess’ needs and requirements.

The result

A valuable contribution to
the final product

This innovative solution enables the use of steam to define the timber colour, increases flexibility (also suitable for smaller volumes), reduces the turnaround times and helps enhance the quality of the end products. And that is exactly what we set out to do.

Also need for a technically advanced solution
in the field of drying or coloring?

Then contact the BES Bollmann specialists.

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