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As low as possible
footprint for the environment

Murray Timber Group seeks to appeal to the whole supply chain. From forest owners to consumers. Their ambition? To supply attractively priced quality wood products with short turnaround times, thus meeting customer requirements. Always based on the principle of leaving a minimal economic footprint throughout the entire process.


The drying solution

We developed a phased plan together with Murray, one which could be rolled out in several stages. This while the plant could continue normal operations, thus spreading the impact and necessary investment.

In phase 1 we converted the two kilns on site. Applying the concept of circulation, we maintained the existing kilns but by implementing smart new control systems we were able to achieve fantastic drying results.

In phase 2 we developed a solution, together with our partner company KARA Energy Systems, to make the plant independent of fossil fuels, reduce core business costs and enable sustainable drying processes. Thanks to the development of a bespoke, smart bio-energy solution, a biomass incinerator now heats the kilns and dries the wood energy-efficiently. The fuel? Biomass (waste wood) from the plant’s own production process. A perfect circle.

Phase 3 concerned expanding the drying capacity. For this, we developed a conventional drying solution that could be connected to a bio-energy system, with even shorter drying times and heat recovery.

The result

State-of-the-art drying solution

A state-of-the-art drying solution with respect for the existing kilns and consistent with Murray’s ambitions for the future. Innovative, smart, fast, high/quality, energy-efficient products and a favourable footprint. A true top result.


Our state-of-the-art BES Bollmann drying kilns are heated by a bio-energy system from KARA Energy Systems and fuelled by our own timber waste. In this way we let sustainability, independency of fossil fuel and cost savings around the core business go hand in hand.

Seems a phased drought solution too
interesting for your company?

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