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Our ambition

Sustainable, energy-efficient and inventive

We are BES Bollmann. Experts in smart timber-drying solutions. Sustainable, energy efficient and innovative. Your reliable partner for the development and realisation of custom-made drying kilns with guaranteed drying times. Our aim is for our drying solutions to add value to our customers’ products. What makes us different? Our years of experience, knowledge and resolve. That’s why; drying value inside.

Worldwide in control

We take care of that

We enable our customers to be in control worldwide. We go the extra mile to achieve this. A close-knit family company, our ambition is to make quality drying accessible, to put customer requirements first and to add value to our customers’ products. Giving them their own individual character and making our mark. That is our true strength.

BES Bollmann has a heart for timber

Timber sawmills, the timber sector and timber processing industry. This is where our roots lie and who we are. We know the market inside and out and are at home there. And have been since 1959. At the same time, we are a progressive company and are keen to share. Our knowledge and expertise in controlled drying has proven its value in many other sectors of industry. We address challenges, push boundaries and are confident enough to offer guarantees. With regard to both drying times and quality. Today, BES Bollmann is an established name for alternative drying solutions in the automotive, furniture, packaging, processing and food industries.

Customers value our personal attention, smart solutions, realistic prices and the return on investment. Above all, we distinguish ourselves as innovative thinkers, powerful doers and full service supporters. This is how a small team can make a big difference. That is what defines us. Let’s add some drying value inside. We are ready for the next challenge.

Would you like to know more about our drying solutions?

Then contact the BES Bollmann specialists.

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