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Our history


Ludwig Bollmann lays the foundation for the organization

Graduate engineer Ludwig Bollmann laid the basis for the current BES Bollmann organisation in 1959. Then the core business consisted of designing and building ventilation systems. The first Bollmann aluminium drying kilns were introduced in 1965.


The launch of a unique Bollmann operating system

1970 saw a much more significant development with the launch of a unique Bollmann control system to monitor and control drying processes more accurately. Digital technology developed entirely in-house. And things didn’t stop there. R&D is still conducted in-house to this day, applying state-of-the- art knowledge, experience and technology, of course.

The first digital wood moisture meters

The seventies also saw Bollmann launch the first wood moisture monitors with digital readout. It was the kick-off for a significant development in professional moisture measurement. A development in which the Bollmann team still plays a pioneering role.

The knowledge and expertise of Ludwig Bollmann

Not only was Ludwig Bollman a founding father of controlled timber drying, he also put the profession on the map. He documented and shared his knowledge, expertise and experience by writing a book about it. Its status as a profession has been further consolidated by the fact that, years later, his book is still used by many colleges and universities.

The 80’s

Investing in Research & Development

In the eighties, considerable time, effort and money was invested in R&D and innovation. The latest electronic and technological developments were monitored closely and incorporated into the control systems and total drying solutions. Sometimes constituting small steps forward. Sometimes larger ones, as with the introduction in the early nineties of controls to operate multiple kilns. A single control system to operate and monitor multiple drying processes. That was the idea.


Acquisition by Reinders Almelo Companies

Another leap towards the future. In 1996 the German company was taken over by the Reinders Almelo Companies in the Netherlands. Complementing and reinforcing the bio-energy concepts that KARA Energy Systems (part of the Reinders Almelo Companies) has been engineering, producing and building since 1910. The sustainable energy generated by the bio-energy system was to become the ‘driving force’ behind the drying solutions and kilns. The company is consequently better able to contribute to supply chain responsibility.

Innovative in drying solutions for the manufacturing industry

The name BES Bollmann remained and the company’s significance to the timber/timber- processing industry further increased. The knowledge and experience acquired over the years proved to be of value to other industries besides timber and timber processing. The expertise of the BES Bollmann team was increasingly called upon for specialist advice on drying issues in other sectors. The first controlled, alternative drying solutions were developed in the nineteen nineties for the manufacturing industry. From foods to rubber, from paper to plastics; BES Bollmann developed bespoke drying solutions for them all.


BES Bollmann takes over WSAB Lignomat GmbH

In 2002 BES Bollmann took over WSAB Lignomat GmbH, a renowned drying kiln manufacturer. An asset to BES Bollmann, but WSAB Lignomat’s existing customers also gained. Combining forces ensured the transition went very smoothly, and customers have since been able to access the BES Bollmann service, maintenance and sales channels.


Development of drying solutions for the automotive industry

In 2014 the R&D team faced another new challenge: developing drying solutions for the automotive industry. This was a whole new board game, but the results were tremendous. Once the first drying chamber for cars had been installed, other brands soon followed. The possibilities are endless.


Patenting wood: a revolution in the market

Technology doesn’t stand still. Neither does BES Bollmann, or our customers. Thankfully. In 2017, our team was involved in the development of a drying solution that could be integrated into the operational process to patent wood. This application has enabled the company to create hardwood characteristics in softer types of wood. A revolution in the market. We are convinced that combining this knowledge from the past with present-day technology will contribute to future success. Together, we can continue to write history. Would you like to talk about it? Then please contact our team.

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