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Tromatic® 310

Any individual drying process
Anyone who values operating comfort
Drying kilns and steaming chambers (regardless of size or type)

No concession

For individual (wood) drying chambers

The Tromatic® 310 GM is ideal for stand-alone (timber) drying kilns and makes no concessions to the drying process. This best-selling individual control system in our range is also suitable for controlling steaming chambers. The automatic programme settings make it a particularly powerful control system. A unique feature is the patented ‘phantom measuring point’. This smart control technology guarantees a drying process in a constant climate.

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The specifications of the Tromatic® 310

Complete, pre-programmed drying schedules, depending on the wood moisture content, with fully automatic control.
Pre-programmed time-dependent drying schedules
Drying schedules are easy to programme by entering the type and thickness of the wood and the required final moisture content
Clear display of both the current drying process and the values set
Up to 7 wood moisture measuring points to regulate the drying process
  • Regulation on the basis of a single measuring point, the mean value or maximum value measured
  • Moisture measuring points can be selected as required
  • Drying with or without using measuring points
  • Regulation based on Phantom value optional (Bollman patent)
  • One or two HT 68 or HY 66.4 climate sensors
  • Memory for up to 10 freely programmable drying processes.
  • Schedule repeat possible
  • Intermediate conditioning phase
  • Optimised control characteristic with process-independent valve positioning for minimum energy consumption
  • Airflow reversal timer
  • Frequency control drive and pole-changing fans
  • Printer or writer control
  • Time and date for documentation
  • Drying time prognosis
  • Programmable start time
  • Simple control menu
  • Multilingual control dialogue
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