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Tromatic® 810

Multiple drying kilns on a single network
Core temperature measurement (heat treatment)
Drying kilns and steaming chambers (regardless of size or type)
High level of smart operating comfort

A big step in drying

For several drying rooms

Our Tromatic® 810 will enable you to take timber drying to a new dimension in terms of drying technology, options and results. We have incorporated our knowledge, expertise, experience and customer requirements into this control system. Enabling you to programme and monitor drying processes even more quickly and efficiently using a PC. Even remote control and monitoring are possible at any time. Very convenient. With up to 50 phases in a single drying schedule, every process can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, requirements and preferences. Together we can add value to your products. Quality results guaranteed.

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Tromatic® 810

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The specifications of the Tromatic® 810

Central control and monitoring of up to 32 drying kilns
Clear displays of current data
Simple menu control under Microsoft Windows
Automatic schedule programming based on just a few parameters
Integrated wood database with types of wood and drying-process data
  • Up to 50 phases in a single drying schedule
  • Time, schedule and wood moisture related phases can be adjusted as required
  • Intermediate conditioning phases possible
  • Standard programmes can be adjusted and extended as required
  • Delayed start of drying process possible
  • Humidity dialogue can be set to UGL, relative humidity, dry and wet bulb temperature
  • Direct display of the total drying time and phase times
  • Drying time prognosis
  • Drying schedule and drying process displayed graphically and numerically
  • Simple archiving and opening of existing drying schedules and executed drying processes
  • Up to 14 wood moisture measuring points per kiln
  • Regulation on the basis of a single measuring point, the mean value or maximum value measured
  • Moisture measuring points can be selected as required
  • Drying without any measuring points is also possible
  • Core temperature measurement for heat treatment On-screen display and graph/protocol presentation
  • One or two HT 68 or HY 66.4 climate sensors
  • Two climate sensors will allow measurement of the mean value, the maximum value or the airflow reversal
  • Optimised control characteristic with process-independent valve positioning for minimum energy consumption
  • Frequency control drive and pole-changing fans
  • Two time periods per day can be defined during which the fan speed is reduced (to avoid electricity supplier’s peak hours and reduce noise levels)
  • Automatic frost protection of the airflow
  • Airflow reversal timer
  • Optional SMS alarm notification
  • Optional alarm notification interface for pilot lights, etc.
  • Choice of 15 languages
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